Warren Buffet’s Secret Millionaire Club

The Secret Millionaires Cub was an idea developed with Warren Buffett for an animated series that would teach kids valuable lessons about money at an early age.  Warren Buffett often would say to me that, “the chains of habit are too light to be felt, until they are too heavy to be broken.”   Warren wrote the curriculum for Secret Millionaires Cub on which each episode was based.  Warren plays himself as a mentor to a group of kids who have an investing club.  Through their adventures, the kids learn good financial and entrepreneurial habits that will last them a lifetime.  Warren plays himself, does his own voices in every episode, and signed individual hand painted and numbered cels depicting different scenes from the series.  Every episode ends with Warren, telling the kids, ‘Remember Kids, the best investment is an investment in yourself.” In the recent Covid-19 crisis, Warren recorded a message for all the kids reminding them of the importance of washing hands frequently to stop the spread of the virus.

Always Remember Rule #1


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