Superhero Kindergarten

During his last “Epic Battle” with his arch rival Dr. Superior, Captain Fantastic, one of the earth’s greatest protectors, presses straight ahead into Dr. Superior. The clash creates a comet, which on its explosion, turns into the kind of dust that turns mortal beings into superheroes. This explosion rids him of his nemesis, but extracts his super powers which remained in the “glowing dust.” He moves on as a gym teacher and leads a very simple life. He’s contacted by a mysterious (but bearing a resemblance to one from a past life) voice telling him that the “glowing dust” from the explosion of the comet fell on the babies in strollers in front of the school. They now possess “rapidly growing” super powers.  Under the guise of Arnold Armstrong, he must impersonate a teacher and train these five kids to be superheroes to protect the earth.

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