Original Hand Painted Cel Stan Lee’s Lady Lightning



“I’m lightning fast, big deal. I knew I’d regret my mother letting me quit flying lessons!” Lady Lightning has the wit and humor Stan Lee’s characters are known for, so it should be easy for him to write about her adventures!  


If there was one thing Stan Lee enjoyed more than cameos, it was being the star! Stan Lee’s Cosmic Crusaders gave the comicbook legend his first lead role – as himself, naturally – mentoring a group of aliens to become superheroes and using their thrilling exploits to craft the first reality comic while he’s at it.


Product Details

  • Size: 11” x 17” 
  • Hand painted and inked on celluloid 
  • Stan Lee Legacy signature and hand signed by Andy Heyward
  • Each item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Andy Heyward
  • Limited edition of 50
  • Made in the USA



A cel is a transparent sheet of plastic that is the canvas on which cartoonists used to hand paint characters and overlay them on static backgrounds. In the past, an animated feature could require more than 100,000 cels! Today, most use computer animation, but our artists are among the few remaining who practice this treasured artistic process. We’re proud to share this piece of animation history with you.  


Shipping Information

  • Domestic: $10.50
  • International: $23.00