Soaring To New Heights



Of all of the many thousands of half hours of animation that I’ve been privileged to write and produce, Inspector Gadget is my most proud and very favorite. Gadget is timeless and he brings a smile to faces around the globe—even just to hear the theme song is to smile: dun da dun da dun Dah dun! Gadget, Penny, Brain (the dog), and Dr. Claw are some of the most loved characters I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on. In fact, I own many t-shirts and polo shirts, and even a sports coat with Inspector Gadget’s face on them (even a boat!) and without fail, whether in California, Florida, Japan, or France, I get smiles, high fives, and thumbs up just for wearing the clothes. I’m proud to share these cels and lithographs with you and so grateful you share my love and passion for Inspector Gadget. Wowzers!


Each lithograph bears the Official Embossed Gold Seal of Andy Heyward Animation Art.