Original Hand Painted Cel Rule #1: Don’t Lose Money



In the animated series, “Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires’ Club”, Warren plays himself in animation as the mentor to a group of 4 young kids, who have adventures in business.  The kids learn valuable lessons, which serve them in both business and life in general.  The series was developed by Genius Brands International, based on the broad wisdom of Warren’s writings and beliefs.  They promote lessons like the value of partnerships, the importance of brand, the need to preserve one’s reputation, and the willingness to take risks.  There were 26 webisodes produced and 26 half hour episodes. The episodes are currently running on a variety of venues including the STARZ network, the QUBO network, and the Kid Genius network distributed across Comcast by X Finity. Next year, we expect distribution to be broadened through American Public Television and to be seen on US public television stations.  In addition, it is soon to be distributed on home entertainment through Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

“Don’t lose money” is well known as Warren Buffett’s first rule. His second rule is ‘Don’t forget Rule #1.  Our first cel with Warren Buffett based on the Secret Millionaires Club is titled “Rule#1. Don’t Lose Money”