Hand Painted with Certificate of Authenticity 

 A cel, or celluloid, is a transparent sheet of plastic that is the canvas on which cartoonists make magic!  Cartoon artists used to hand paint characters on each and every cel of every cartoon and overlay them on static backgrounds. The characters would move but the background would stay the same.  This is what lent motion and life to Yogi (and countless other characters) as he walked across the screen on Saturday Morning. An animated feature could require more the 100,000 cels! 

This treasured artistic process was handed down through generations of animators until it was all but replaced by computer animation.  Today, our artists are among the few remaining who practice this dying form and we’re proud to share this piece of animation history with you.  To have a cel on your wall is to have a treasured piece of history.

Each hand painted cel comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity bearing it’s unique number, certifying the originality and provenance of the artwork.