Why Andy Heyward Animation Art?

Andy Heyward is the creator behind such characters and shows as Inspector Gadget, Captain Planet, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, Madeline and many more.  His name is almost synonymous with Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Andy, together with the legendary Iraj Paran (who is credited with creating the art for nearly all of the Hanna Barbera shows) has dipped into the archives to bring you limited edition, signed, and certified lithographs, and highly prized hand-painted, signed and certified animation cels.


The art for these lithographs and hand painted cels is from hit shows you grew up with and hit shows on the air today.  To read more about hand-painted cels, lithographs, or the certification process, click ABOUT.

What is a Hand Painted Cel?

A cel, or celluloid, is a transparent sheet of plastic that was a cartoon artist’s canvas.  Cartoon artists used to hand paint characters on each and every cel of every cartoon and overlay them on static backgrounds. The characters would move but the background would stay the same.  This is what lent motion and life to Yogi (and countless other characters) as he walked across the screen on Saturday Morning. An animated feature could require more the 100,000 cels!

This treasured artistic process was handed down through generations of animators until computer animation replaced artists.  Our artists are some of the best ever and some of the very last to practice this dying artform and we’re proud to share this piece of animation history with you.  To have a cel on your wall is to have a treasured piece of history.

Rare cels have been known to fetch in excess of $50,000 at auction, and now proudly hang in homes, museums, and offices.

What is a lithograph?

Lithography is a specialized printing technique, dating to the 18th century, which, of the different printing techniques, like etching, or linoleum carving, most closely resembles painting.  The first step to make the print involves the artist drawing the image directly onto a transfer plate using specialized lithography crayons.  After a long process of treatment, scraping, inking, pressing, voila, out comes a lithograph.

Our lithographs are proudly Made in the USA with the highest quality inks and fine art paper.  They are made to last a lifetime and then be handed down.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity and what does it mean?

Each purchase of a Lithographs or Cel includes a Certificate of Authenticity.  This certifies the provenance and legitimacy of the art. The Certificate also tells the story of the featured character or image as well as how many cels or lithographs are in this series, and the exact number of this artwork in that series.

What does Limited Edition mean?

Each lithograph or cel is part of a series that is limited to no more than 100 pieces.  Certain cels and lithographs are limited to even smaller editions. Once we sell through an edition, we will never reproduce them again. 

Who signed my cel or lithograph?

Each cel and lithograph is personally signed by Andy Heyward.  Some are even personally signed by Warren Buffett or Stan Lee.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All orders shipped 2-day priority.  Please send us an email with special requests.